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UJAMAA GRANDMAS is a Calgary-based, non-profit society incorporated in the province of Alberta and as such is structured with a governing Board of Directors and various committees which manage our events. Each committee has liaison to the Board.

UJAMAA GRANDMAS works to raise funds and awareness for the tens of thousands of African grandmothers who are struggling to raise their orphaned grandchildren.

On Saturday morning of 2013 BAGS, BABIES & BEYOND we reached our first $500,000 raised for the Foundation. It could not have happened without the fabulous UJAMAA GRANDMAS Members and Friends nor without the support of our wonderful Customers. Now, on to the next half an million!

Approximately 14.8 million children under 18 have been orphaned by the HIV/AIDS pandemic. In many African countries, 40 to 60 percent of these children now live in grandmother-headed households. We are a group of Albertans trying to ease the pain of African grandmothers - the “Unsung Heroes of Africa”.

Funds go directly to the campaign and are used to assist with:
School fees
Income generating projects
Grief counseling
HIV/AIDS education and
On occasion, coffins
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UJAMAA GRANDMAS is an enduring and nurturing community that works to transform the lives of African grandmothers and children affected by HIV/AIDS.


To raise funds and awareness for the Stephen Lewis Foundation's Grandmothers to Grandmothers Campaign, using the skills and talents of a vibrant volunteer community.


We are successful because we are a group of women from all parts of the city with a wide variety of interests. We enjoy getting together. We like the work that we do and feel that there is a sense of purpose as well as a sense of fun. We feel that we are helping the broader community of African Grandmothers at the same time that we are helping other people here in the city. Through our efforts to raise money for the Stephen Lewis foundation we are also supporting each other. We are committed to the values of respect, patience, open-mindedness, compassion and kindness.